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March 7, 2005
We have completed the move to a new hosting company. We're also rebuilding our backend system. In the next few weeks our editors will begin working through the backlog of work. When the backlog is cleared, then we'll start working on the submission process.

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Self-Help & Psychology Magazine

Self-Help & Psychology Magazine is devoted to helping you help yourself. Free information includes: Articles in numerous topic areas such as aging, alcohol, anxiety, children, cyber-affairs, cybersex, cyber relationships, cyber-romance, depression, drugs, families, Internet psychology, lesbian/gay/bisexual, loss & bereavement, men, nicotine, parenting, personal growth, sexuality, smoking, spirituality, sports, women, work & career; self-help book reviews, tobacco, questions & answers written by professionals; a Discussion Zone for your participation; cartoons for your enjoyment; a full-service bookstore for your convenience; links, lists, resources, and newsgroups spanning mental-health sites across the globe; professional information and services, and much more. Come in and help yourself!

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Pioneer Development Resources, Inc.
Marlene M. Maheu(Publisher)
Linda Cole(Webmistress)
Submission Guidelines
Unsolicited manuscripts are welcomed, and will be reviewed for acceptance into one of two areas: 1. Preference is given to research-based articles, written by behavioral healthcare professionals. Staff members are sought to direct departments on a variety of topics. We ask that all articles be written in plain English for the general public. 2. Well-written submissions on any topic are accepted from non-professionals and posted in our Interactive Corner. Monetary compensation is not available for any work involving SHPM. A staff of over 75 unpaid yet contracted professionals work eagerly to keep the magazine on the cutting edge, and hundreds of unsolicited contributors have added to our mega-site. Specific submission guidelines are found on this page:
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