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March 7, 2005
We have completed the move to a new hosting company. We're also rebuilding our backend system. In the next few weeks our editors will begin working through the backlog of work. When the backlog is cleared, then we'll start working on the submission process.

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The men's perspective on marriage

"Marriage is a mistake every man should make." -- George Jessel. unGROOM'd covers the issues men face when they make the decision to get married. Topics range from organizing your finances, planning the wedding and domestic life with your spouse to dealing with in-laws, sex life before and after your wedding, and the psychology of men, women and marriage. Our Groom Room features the largest selection of groomsman's gifts on the web, and you can plan your entire bachelor party online in the Bachelor Party Network. We also encourage our readers to submit articles and become contributors to the publication (This is NOT Modern Bride for guys; Bring us your best take, come hard, and don't suck!). 6,575 men get married every day. Are you ready?

new articles are published weekly; past issues are archived within the site
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Marrying Man Group, Inc.
Michael Lehrman(Director, E-Commerce)
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Submission Guidelines
unGROOM'd is actively seeking contributors on the topic of men and marriage. The majority of the pieces we publish are between 500-800 words, and range from insightful and informative articles to humorous commentary on the issues men face when the get married. For more information, visit unGROOM'd and click on the "be a writer" link ( to see our writer's guidelines.
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