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March 7, 2005
We have completed the move to a new hosting company. We're also rebuilding our backend system. In the next few weeks our editors will begin working through the backlog of work. When the backlog is cleared, then we'll start working on the submission process.

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JNCZ Marketing Newsletter

A Free Newsletter biased towards home business in the UK

"JNCZ Marketing Newsletter" is an occasional publication, edited by Lloyd Daley who lives in London (England). The focus is on home business success in the UK, including features on network marketing companies. The newsletter is published irregularly, around about once a month. In each issue you will find: 1. The latest news of what's been happening over the last few weeks in the British home business and networking scene. Plus some personal observations from the Editor and maybe some news about how disasterously (or not) his football team have been doing! 2. A Company Under the Microscope. Learn about the company's market, the company management, how their marketing plan really works, what are the important features and benefits of the products, and make your own conclusion. 3. The Company Profiles. Here you can follow the real-life progress of some home businesses. 4. A Feature on Success and Motivation in Business. What you need to do to be successful. What's happening in the UK and around the world. 5. The Pipeline. A look at the early information from new companies and what's popular in Britain this month. What to watch out for in the way of business scams!

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